Way To Cutting Plastic Closet Door Hardware

Closet Door Hardware

Closet door hardware – Place the sliding closet door hardware across two sawhorses. Measure down from the top of the door in the middle, along the left and right sides of the door. Check the measurements of the height of the door with a pencil. Place a straightedge across the three brands. Draw a line from the edge of the door to the edge of the door through online brands. Equipping a circular with a sheet of plastic specialized court saw. Blade adjustment 1/8 deeper than the thickness of the door width.

Start the saw and cut along the guide. Let the saw pull through court rather than force the saw along the guide. File the edges smooth cut slightly with a flat file to remove rough edges. Measure opening in the bottom of the closet door hardware if the cut exposes a hollow portion of the door.

Cover the inside of the hole with an epoxy-based adhesive. Place the timber on the inside of the closet door hardware. Touch wood lightly with a mallet if the timber fits tightly into the empty space. Align the piece of wood to sit evenly inside the hollow area. Allow the adhesive during one or two hours prior to installation of the door rollers.