Wooden For Jewelry Box Inserts

Premium Jewelry Box Inserts

A jewelry box inserts is one of the simplest woodworking projects available to do so. It is a popular project for children and adults to do together. An adult should always be responsible for the use of saws and other dangerous equipment. You may complete this jeweler in just one week. The longest part of the project is the waiting time for the glue and paint to dry.

Cut shapes of wood. Sand all surfaces. Separate parts of the jewelry box insert. Larger pieces belong to the box while the smaller pieces belonging to the insert. The support members are in the box.

Take all four sides of jewelry box inserts and the base and glue. Make sure everything is square. You may have to nail the pieces together. These two pieces are used to support the insert box. Glue in place. While the glue dries, tray insertion mounts. Take the remaining piece and use it as a wall separating the inside of the tray to create two sections. Let dry.

 Use a rag to apply the stain to the box once the glue has dried (usually 24 hours). Rub the stain on the wood in the direction of the wood grain. Apply varnish using a brush. Make sure the correct hinges so that the box will open road face. Close the lid. You have finished your jewelry box inserts.