Zebra Room Ideas To Relaxing Bath

Last Zebra Room Ideas

With its high contrast, black and white stripes, zebra room ideas decor makes a striking statement. However, not all zebra is the same. Depending on the direction you take, you can decorate a zebra-themed bathroom basic black with a splash of color and white; Zebra top down; colorful and bright; or neutral and sophisticated. Use your imagination and creativity to create zebra bath is right for you.
Contrasting black and white Zebra stripes provide the perfect setting for an eye catching pop of color. For example, Zebra shower in black and white, then add towels, bath mats and accessories counter in a single bright color, as strong, purple, red roses, lime green or orange. Black painted wood cabinets, if possible. A mirror with a frame or a pair of zebra zebra print accessories completes the look. These zebra room ideas look contemporary and fresh, and are virtually fail-safe.
If you have a very small bathroom or powder room, go without quarter zebra is very striking. While these zebra room ideas are too much for a bathroom larger size, you can provide a small bathroom with great drama. In this method, they have all walls and ceilings papered in a zebra scale. Use the same print fabric treatments shower curtain and window.
To convert your bathroom into a relaxing, sophisticated retreat, shift gears to neutrals. So as you can find in glitter zebra prints and black and white zebra is also available in the most subtle and natural shadows.